WUJA Congress 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio (USA)


My name is Frank Brady and I want to invite you to an amazing event next year in the United States.


The World Union of Jesuit Alumni will be hosting its World Congress in Cleveland, Ohio from June 28-July 2.  Jesuit alumni and friends from around the world will be gathering for this amazing event.  It will be an opportunity for you to join others for the first-ever Congress held in North America – an educational, spiritual and fun-filled celebration of Jesuit education and Ignatian Spirituality.

Each of us, because of our association with the Jesuits, have stories that keep us thankful for having had that association.  It might have been a freshman year math teacher, or a counselor who helped us get into college, or Jesuit who visited our father’s bedside when he was dying.  So many stories!

I look forward to the Congress next year, not only because of the terrific program we will be offering, but also because of the opportunity it will give all of us to hear each other’s stories.

So, let me tell you about our Congress.

We will welcome everyone Wednesday night with a fun reception.  Thursday and Friday will be filled with presentations from well know speakers on the topics of business, health science, law, education, and spirituality. Friday’s theme will be dedicated to the topic of service. Each day will have key note presentations that lead into these topics.  We will have a closing liturgy on Saturday night, followed by an evening reception.

Evenings will offer us the opportunity to attend a professional baseball game, visit Cleveland’s famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, attend a performance of a classical piece of music dedicated to our Congress, dance and party to music on campus, and so much more.

Each attendee will walk away with new friends and wonderful memories. In the coming months, I will be sending you more about the Congress.  In the meantime, check out our web site and mark your calendars for June 28-July 2.

Can’t wait to see you there.

Frank Brady
Congress Chair


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