Survey on Jesuit Collaboration and Networking

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Dear Friends,


As you may know, we are trying to answer and help on the new emphasis that the General Congregation 36 is making on Collaboration and Networks within the Society of Jesus and our apostolic body.  In order to better understand the expectations and meaning of collaboration, and the topics, channels and tools for fostering networks the “Jesuit Networking Project” is launching for the very first time a Global Survey on Jesuit Collaboration and Networking.


We are targeting jesuits, collaborators, CLC, alumni, friends, etc… We would really appreciate if you can promote the article or directly the survey in your website and next newsletter so we can reach out the biggest possible sample. This type of exercise will only work if we consciously promote it and recommend it to our circles. Could we count on your help?


More info about the survey here:
Direct link to the survey here:



Many thanks,


Fr. Dani Villanueva, SJ
Jesuit Networking Project


Survey Jesuit Networking


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