‘Make today matter’ – Latest book by Chris Lowney

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Chris Lowney, a writer and lecturer on leadership and various subjects related to the Church and the Society of Jesus, is a long-time friend of WUJA. He recently published “Make Today Matter: 10 Habits for a Better Life (and World)”.

How can we rise to the occasion every single day of our lives?
How can we seize each day as a unique opportunity, and see each day as a gift?

Chris Lowney answers those questions in Make Today Matter by introducing readers to ten simple yet powerful habits that will add up to a better life, and a better world. Those habits emerge through inspiring stories of ordinary people who are making each day count in extraordinary ways, whether in a high school classroom, a hospital emergency room, one of the planet’s largest garbage dumps, or a sprawling, impoverished shantytown in Venezuela.

Still, it’s one thing to know what matters in life, quite another thing to do what matters, day in and day out, despite the confusing, unpredictable, and frustrating environments in which we all live and work. That’s where “the Wisdom App” comes in, a powerful practice that ties the ten habits together, and that anyone could begin implementing tomorrow, a first step along the path to making every day matter.

More information: Lowney’s website

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