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12/11/2016 • The Society of Jesus: With a new Captain, and “Rowing into the Deep”

The timing might be seen as a coincidence: the 36th General Congregation has come to an end on the very day of the 68th birthday of the one that has been elected as new Superior General. For WUJA this is a great opportunity to welcome Father Sosa in his new function and to introduce him in […]

06/11/2016 • The Pope Video – Countries receiving refugees

November 2016. The Pope Video: That the countries which take in a great number of displaced persons and refugees may find support for their efforts which show solidarity.   For the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer – http://www.popesprayer.net).   Visit http://thepopevideo.org/ for more information.    

22/10/2016 • The Society of Jesus’ Contemporary History in Cuba

The Society of Jesus returned to Cuba in 1853 after an exile of eighty six (86) years – King Carlos III of Spain had expelled the Jesuits from the island in 1767 by Royal Decree. Later, on February 2nd, 1854, Queen Isabella II of Spain by Royal Decree founded in Havana the School of Belen […]

23/08/2016 • A Chase for social justice in Eastern Africa Schools

The Jesuit Hakimani Centre, a Jesuit center for research and social action in Eastern Africa, located in Kenya, has produced a TV show named “The Chase”, which looks to promote social justice inside the schools and between the students inculcating the values of respect and dignity to build a worthier society.   This project´s main […]