Message of Holy Week

Brothers and sisters, Jesuit’s alumni,

During this Holy Week, our hearts and minds are illuminated with the light of faith. May these holy days inspire us to renew our commitment to the Jesuit values of social justice and service.

Let us remember Christ’s example and the values that unite us as brothers and sisters in the simplicity of our actions and prayers. May our thoughts and deeds reflect the mercy and unconditional love we are meant to share with the world.

Let us be living examples of brotherhood, solidarity, and peace, by carrying the light of hope where darkness prevails.

Together, let’s safeguard our Common House and move forward with confidence and humility on the path of faith and mission that is entrusted to us.

May we dedicate this Holy Week to meditation, reconciliation, and spiritual renewal.

As we celebrate the victory of life over death, may the grace and peace of Christ, who was raised, illuminate our hearts, and guide our actions.

With all my fraternity,

Francisco Guarner

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