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04/02/2022 • WUJA’S network is increasing… and diversifying

About two months ago, a special event took place in Brussels (Belgium): the inauguration gala of Jesuit Alumni of Brussels (JAB), a new group among the WUJA-galaxy. In spite of the difficulties due to the pandemic, more than fifty persons gathered in the evening of 2 December 2021 in the Château Sainte-Anne of Brussels. Those […]

26/01/2022 • Kick-off of our eco-pilgrimage in the framework of the World Alumni Congress

Dear friends,   Throughout the first semester of 2022, WUJA (World Union of Jesuit Alumni) Youth Wing will undertake a virtual eco-pilgrimage to discuss the local and global challenges of climate change from an Ignatian perspective. The project is inspired by the EcoJesuit virtual pilgrimage, set up in preparation for COP26 last year. The WUJA´s […]

25/12/2021 • Christmas – Being born to our fragility

Dear Alumnæ and Alumni, 2021 will be remembered as a year of our frailties. No, the pandemic was not defeated this year. Yes, climate change has continued to take its toll on the four corners of the globe. We have always been fragile, but without always admitting it to ourselves. The child in the crib […]

15/09/2021 • Offer to Saint Ignatius at the occasion of the World Congress of Alumni Barcelona 2022

In 2021, the Society of Jesus celebrates the 500th anniversary of the wounding of Ignatius of Loyola at the siege of Pamplona. On this occasion, an Ignatian year has been decreed. WUJA will hold its World Congress in July 2022 in Barcelona. On July 30, the members of the organizing committee of the World Congress participated […]