Merry Christmas!





Dear Alumnae and Alumni,




I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

We celebrate Christmas and its rejoicing, its hope for Peace at the end of a year that faced terror and despair at an unprecedented level. More than ever the message of the Newborn is clear. Only love can chase hatred away, as one has never seen hatred chasing hatred away…

Opposing love to hatred is precisely what Pope Francis has been doing the whole year and will undoubtedly continue doing in the future. Let’s put ourselves in the steps of Pope Francis as He recognizes and celebrates the advent of Jesus.

I wish you all also a prosperous, happy and blessed Year 2016 for you and your families, for the colleges and high schools you graduated from and for our beloved Jesuits. May we deserve the confidence they once put in us when we were listening to our teachers… a while ago!

Alain Deneef

In the whole world, the joy of Christmas is for all and especially the children. Here, the children of the primary schools of the ‘Foi et Joie’ network in Haiti, supported by WUJA.




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