Declaration by WUJA on the situation in Nicaragua

Protect Academic Freedom and Human Rights in Nicaragua

In a deeply concerning turn of events, the World Union of Jesuit Alumni expresses its alarm over the unjustified accusations and subsequent seizure of all properties of the esteemed Central American University (UCA) by the government of Nicaragua.

This troubling development not only threatens the fundamental principles of academic freedom and human rights but also undermines the critical role that UCA has played in shaping education, critical thinking, and social justice in the country for over six decades.

We reiterate the messages of the Jesuit General Curia and the Central American Province of the Society of Jesus and request from the Nicaraguan Government to immediately reverse the unjust decision that jeopardizes the future of academic freedom and violates the basic human rights guaranteed by international conventions.

Therefore we urgently implore all individuals and organizations with influence and resources to rally behind the cause of academic freedom and human rights in Nicaragua. The international community’s united voice is crucial in pressuring the Nicaraguan government to reverse and correct this drastic and unjust measure against the Central American University UCA.

By standing together, we can protect the core principles that underpin the advancement of knowledge, the defence of human rights, and the promotion of a just and equitable society.

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