A Chase for social justice in Eastern Africa Schools

The Jesuit Hakimani Centre, a Jesuit center for research and social action in Eastern Africa, located in Kenya, has produced a TV show named “The Chase”, which looks to promote social justice inside the schools and between the students inculcating the values of respect and dignity to build a worthier society.


This project´s main goal is to contribute effectively to social and economic transformation of young people both in and out of school, promote the establishment of an environment that will enhance the dignity of smallholder farmers, and support the development of credible governance systems and processes in the Region.

The series, that already has 13 episodes, addresses the many social ills that students encounter in their academic lives, as well as exposes the systemic administrative failures in public institution that escalate the existence of such challenges. The program is currently running on the national broadcaster (KBC) and also presented in DVD format.

TV Shooting

Behind the scenes / The chase TV Series / From: http://jesuithakimani.net/

The Chase is a thriller-like edutainment show, riding on psychology and intentionality, driven by ideals that lead to actions that shock the audience. The question running through the drama is this: can a person ever achieve the ideal? If yes, through which means? If not, how does one come to terms with a “harsh reality” yet keep aspiring for the ideal? Moreover, in what way do people around us “determine” the cause of one’s life?
The Chase also represents the concept of Social Justice in learning Institutions.

This TV production is just one of the alliances that JHC has developed with local, regional and international partners that fall in six main categories: Jesuit Institutions, Other Catholic Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Funding Partners, Government Agencies and Media Agencies. One of these key partners is the Desert Sailors, a performance art group of 16 artistic professionals which produce performances which combine staged drama, music, poetry, photography and audiovisual used as advocacy tools for better governance through media and to address serious local and regional issues.


To know more about the JHC, visit: http://jesuithakimani.net/