The World Union attended JAAI-Congress 2023

From 10 to 12 February 2023, the Indian Federation of Jesuit Alumni Associations held its congress in the city of Patna. This major event was attended by nearly 250 participants, including 50 Jesuits.

On the side-lines of the event, the WUJA Council held its first physical meeting since its election at the Barcelona Congress in the summer 2022. 12 out of 18 members were present in India. President Francisco Guarner gave a speech at the opening of the congress. At the closing ceremony, Secretary Andres Ballerino addressed the Congress on behalf of the World Union of Jesuit Alumni.

Congratulations to the JAAI Association for this magnificent organisation!

The congress was hosted by JAAP (Jesuit Alumni Associations of Patna) at the St Xavier’s high school and the St Michael’s High School.

The theme was “Shaping India’s Techade: challenges and opportunities “. Technology is today the greatest equalizer built for humankind to solve some pressing world challenges -from health crisis to Climate change. Techade is a portmanteau of technology and decade, a decade powered by the impact of technology.

Shaping India’s Techade will be defined by our collective ability to move from “technology potential” to “technology impact” and will be built on the design principles of Innovation for Impact, Inclusive & Secure Scale, Ethical Build and Use of Tech and Human Centricity.

Under the motto “To give and not to count the cost”, the objectives of the congress were:

– Bring Alumni Associations together a forum for networking

– Encourage formation of Associations

– Link with Associations across the world

– Role in shaping public policies in favour of secularism, alleviation of poverty, empowerment of women , uplift of marginalized , safeguard of human rights , preservation of environment and spread of literacy

The first jesuit school in India was opened in Goa in 1543 . Today the Jesuits are involved in multiple activities in their attempts at nation building in India through continuity with past traditions and new initiatives. Jesuits in India now run more than 400 education centers, primary, middle and high schools, 50 university colleges, 22 technical institutes and 17 business administration institutes.

Jesuit institutions are committed to the cause of justice and peace in a global milieu.

Speeches are available below:

Speech by Francisco Guarner, President of WUJA

Speech by Andres Ballerino, Secretary of WUJA