Let us pray for Easter eyes!

Let’s get the opportunity to reflect on the deeper spiritual truths that Easter represents and to develop the ability to see the world with “Easter eyes”. Fr. Muller’s invites us, Jesuit Alumni, to get inspired by Bishop Klaus Hemmerle’s Easter letter, as we are called to live out these values in our daily lives so we can find hope and meaning in difficult situations, work towards reconciliation and unity, and recognize the presence of God in ourselves and others.


Bishop Klaus Hemmerle in Germany in the 1970s wrote in his Easter letter:
“I wish each of us Easter eyes, able to perceive in death, life; in guilt, forgiveness; in separation, unity; in wounds, glory; in the human, God; in God, the human; and in the I, the You.”


In John’s Gospel, Mary of Magdala sees the empty tomb, then sees angels, then sees Jesus but doesn’t recognize that it’s Jesus. Rather than Jesus hiding himself, I like to think that all the pain and suffering of his passion and death were done away with in his resurrection – his risen self is glorious with none of the effects of the hardships of life, the wear and tear of living. Mary was not expecting to see Jesus resurrected, but (with Jesus’ help) she found her Easter eyes.


Let us pray for Easter eyes!


William Muller, S.J.
Phoenix Jesuit Community
Brophy College Preparatory