Kick-off of our eco-pilgrimage in the framework of the World Alumni Congress

Dear friends,


Throughout the first semester of 2022, WUJA (World Union of Jesuit Alumni) Youth Wing will undertake a virtual eco-pilgrimage to discuss the local and global challenges of climate change from an Ignatian perspective.

The project is inspired by the EcoJesuit virtual pilgrimage, set up in preparation for COP26 last year. The WUJA´s pilgrimage will travel around the globe in 6 stops/events organized by representatives of local WUJA associations in partnership with Jesuit educational institutions.

Starting from Europe (Poland, February), the tour will continue to Asia Pacific (Indonesia, March); South Asia (India, April); Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo, April); Latin America (Brazil, May); North America (USA, June) and a final stop will be made in Barcelona in the framework of the World Alumni Congress. At each of these stops we alumni will have the opportunity to hear about the environmental challenges that threaten every part of the planet, as well as to discuss and share our impressions and ideas.

To kick-off our eco-pilgrimage we invite you to follow the live webinar of the Jesuit Alumni Conversation with EcoJesuit, where we will discuss the highlights of COP26 and SJ’s participation in the event. The webinar will be broadcasted on WUJA facebook page on January 29th at 13:00 GMT, you will also find the link on the Barcelona 2022 Congress website.

Throughout the semester we will be sending the information of each stage, of which we ask you the maximum diffusion, and we invite you to participate, especially the young alumni, both in the event in your region and in all the other stops. Through dialogue and encounters with alumni from different countries, we will be able to become aware of the responsibility of our lifestyle, to form ourselves towards a greater ecological sensitivity and to grow in a commitment to global action.

Thank you for your participation,


Alain Deneef
President of WUJA

Francisco Guarner
President of Barcelona 2022 Congress
Pedro Risaffi
Head of WUJA Youth Wing