Christmas 2022 | A message of peace and joy

Dear friends and colleagues, dear alumni

My words these days with the arrival of Christmas and this new life of peace are of great joy, which I want to share with the memory of the moments lived together in Barcelona and especially with the words of illusion and commitment that we received of the General Front.

A few months ago, we lived in the school Sant Ignasi Sarriá of Barcelona a unique experience, a few moments full of experiences, where we could share lives, friendships and all those values that we received in our colleges and universities.

We were in one of our schools, in our classrooms, in   our corridors, next to people from all over the world, old and young, women and men, of different races and religions, we were present. People from 28 different countries on five continents, persons of a global and plural world called by the same message: “united by values– the future moves us”.

We had an objective, to be and think together about our environment, about ecology and migration, about the social impact of our actions and  technology, about the world of women  and religions and reflect collectively in the  context of the education,   our professions, communities  and  networking.

But it went something much further, something that surpassed us.  We did find a welcoming and exciting atmosphere at the school and its facilities, of  the volunteers and the speakers and a clear and inspiring message of the Father General opened our hearts and our meaning of alumni.

We all listen, in an atmosphere of friendship, solidarity and respect, to  his words: “let us walk together as true companions, in the mission of reconciliation and justice…”

The World Union has been strengthened by these new winds to do, create, and take new steps together in our membership.  The Father General asked us, that we be mature adults, that we share the mission. The Congress has left an impact and a message on us and our associations.

We were and felt closer, we met and enjoyed the friendship, especially after these years of Covid and isolation, but the message of the Father General went   further, he asked us to give a step further and let’s get into action.

Together we responded to his message in our conclusions – our force is   in local associations, in young people, in a broader and more global sense of belonging,  in collaboration with other Ignatian entities and networks   ,  in  supporting himself  and towards Pope Francis in his ways  and   in his  paths traced  .  Now is the time for each and every one of us, own self and from our associations.

Those days I mentioned my words and that today I want   to remember, the will of the World Union to favor the union of all of us with the same simplicity as we lived those days in    Barcelona, with the will to know how to listen and share experiences with each other.

Let us follow these steps on the path of solidarity and justice towards the most disadvantaged, in the defense and protection of our   common house and together with young people, giving them from WUJA and in our associations all the relevance and the empowerment to lead  our future, in the  inner life  and the value of spirituality framed in the spiritual exercises  that Ignatius of Loyola taught us.

Let us reinforce our satisfaction and gratitude for the education received in responsibility and commitment.  Let us keep alive what united us those days and that together we draw – “united by values, the future moves us”.

We cannot stand still, we must respond individually and collectively. Father General and the Society   of Jesus has offered us, asked us and are waiting for it.

Merry Christmas to all, in the desire to share this peace, this commitment and friendship between people.

Barcelona, December 2022

Francisco Guarner
World Union of Jesuit Alumni

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